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Yukon Exploration 1985-86
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Indian & Northern Affairs Canada/Department of Indian & Northern Development: Exploration & Geological Services Division
Document Type
Annual Report

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Abstract: Yukon Exploration 1985-1986 provides details of exploration and mining activity in the Yukon, including placer mining. It discusses the geology of Yukon mineral deposits and mineral districts under active investigation and provides a summary of exploration work done by mineral exploration companies. Summaries are based on reports submitted to the department for assessment credit.
Authors: Exploration and Geological Services Division
Map Scale: 1 : 0
NTS Mapsheet(s): Yukon Wide
Citation: Yukon Exploration 1985-86. Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Exploration and Geological Services Division, Whitehorse, 451 p.


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NTS Mapsheet(s): Yukon Wide

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