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Reference Number
Brewery Creek Project 1997 Geological, Geochemical, Trenching and Drilling Report on the BDM, EEL, FLEE, ELE, and LEE Claims
Reference Type
Yukon Government: Energy, Mines and Resources
Document Type
Assessment Report

General Information

Authors: Diment, Richard.
Keywords: borehole drilling, Economic Geology, geochemistry, Geology
NTS Mapsheet(s): 115O16
Citation: Diment, Richard., 1998. Viceroy Resource Corporation, Brewery Creek Area, Yukon. Yukon Mining Assessment Report 093820.


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Location Map

NTS Mapsheet(s): 115O16

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Brewery Creek 116B 160 Hard-rock Past Producer
West Big Rock 116B 185 Hard-rock Deposit
Pacific Deposit 116B 189 Hard-rock Past Producer
Lucky Deposit 116B 199 Hard-rock Deposit
Golden Deposit 116B 198 Hard-rock Past Producer
Lead Dog Zone 116B 202 Hard-rock Prospect
Brewery Creek Heap 116B 188 Hard-rock Active Non-Producer
North Slope Zone 116B 192 Hard-rock Deposit
Bohemian Deposit 116B 200 Hard-rock Deposit
Schooner Deposit 116B 201 Hard-rock Deposit
East Big Rock 116B 186 Hard-rock Deposit
Camp Zone 116B 187 Hard-rock Deposit
Canadian Zone 116B 194 Hard-rock Deposit
Lower Fosters Deposit 116B 195 Hard-rock Deposit
Moosehead Deposit 116B 191 Hard-rock Past Producer
Ice Fog 116B 193 Hard-rock Prospect
Sleeman Deposit 116B 203 Hard-rock Deposit
Upper Fosters Deposit 116B 196 Hard-rock Deposit
Kokanee Deposit 116B 197 Hard-rock Past Producer
Classic Deposit 116B 204 Hard-rock Deposit
Lone Star Zone 116B 205 Hard-rock Prospect
Blue Zone 116B 190 Hard-rock Past Producer

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