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Reference Number
Geological, Geochemical, Geophysical and Drilling Report on the LEE 1-82, EEL 1-52, and ELE 1-16 Claims
Reference Type
Yukon Government: Energy, Mines and Resources
Document Type
Assessment Report

General Information

Authors: MacKay, Gordon.
Keywords: Economic Geology, geochemistry, Geology, geophysics
NTS Mapsheet(s): 116B01
Citation: MacKay, Gordon., 1989. Noranda Exploration Company Limited, Klondike River Area, Yukon. Yukon Mining Assessment Report 092788.


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Location Map

NTS Mapsheet(s): 116B01

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North Slope Zone 116B 192 Hard-rock Deposit
Moosehead Deposit 116B 191 Hard-rock Past Producer
Canadian Zone 116B 194 Hard-rock Deposit
Lower Fosters Deposit 116B 195 Hard-rock Deposit
Ice Fog 116B 193 Hard-rock Prospect
Upper Fosters Deposit 116B 196 Hard-rock Deposit
Kokanee Deposit 116B 197 Hard-rock Past Producer
Blue Zone 116B 190 Hard-rock Past Producer

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