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Composition of placer and lode gold as an exploration tool in the Stewart River map area, western Yukon
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Indian & Northern Affairs Canada/Department of Indian & Northern Development: Exploration & Geological Services Division
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Annual Report Paper

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Abstract: A reconnaissance study of the composition of gold from several placer streams in the Stewart River map area was carried out to characterize the likely style(s) of lode mineralization from which the placer gold in each stream was derived. Results of the study indicate that placer gold from Eureka and Black Hills creeks, as well as gold grains from colluvium in exploration pits at the head of Eureka Creek, have relatively low fineness, low copper contents and high mercury contents. These compositions are consistent with both the gold in colluvium and most of the placer gold having been derived from epithermal sources in the Eureka Dome or Henderson Dome area. Gold in placers in the Moosehorn Range is likely derived from intrusion-related, gold-bearing quartz veins exposed in the headwaters of the placer creeks, and is characterized by relatively high fineness, high copper contents and low mercury contents. Placer gold in Thistle, Kirkman and Blueberry creeks is very similar to that from streams in the Moosehorn Range, suggesting that an undiscovered intrusion-related gold deposit is present within the Thistle/Kirkman drainage basin.
Authors: Dumula, M.R. and Mortensen, J.K.
Keywords: placer source-mineralization
NTS Mapsheet(s): 115N, 115O
Citation: Dumula, M. R. and Mortensen, J.K., 2002. Composition of placer and lode gold as an exploration tool in the Stewart River map area, western Yukon. In: Yukon Exploration and Geology 2001, Emond, D.S., Weston, L.W., and Lewis, L.L. (eds.), Exploration and Geological Sciences Division, Yukon Region, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, p. 87-102


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NTS Mapsheet(s): 115N, 115O

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