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Yukon Geology and Exploration 1979-80
Reference Type
Indian & Northern Affairs Canada/Department of Indian & Northern Development: Exploration & Geological Services Division
Document Type
Annual Report

General Information

Abstract: This volume follows earlier annual Mineral Industry Reports for Yukon published by the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. In addition to the summaries of work by exploration companies found in those earlier publications, this volume contains reports on the geology of mineral deposits and mineral districts under active investigation by geologists of the Department.

This volume further includes a set of maps showing most known mineral occurrences in relation to the mineral and placer claims in good standing with references to descriptions of each occurrence. It is intended to keep these maps up-to-date and to produce them annually as a convenient inventory of occurrences. This volume contains material for two years, effectively bringing this report series up-to-date. The new title for the report was chosen to more accurately reflect its content.
Authors: Exploration and Geological Services Division
Map Scale: 1 : 0
NTS Mapsheet(s): Yukon Wide
Citation: Yukon Geology and Exploration 1979-80. Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Geology Section, Whitehorse, 364 p.


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NTS Mapsheet(s): Yukon Wide

Related Occurrences

Name Number Type Status
Ivo 095E 031 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
Bailey 105A 017 Hard-rock Deposit
Nazo 105A 006 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
Logtung 105B 039 Hard-rock Deposit
Logan 105B 099 Hard-rock Deposit
Sian 106C 074 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
R 15 105G 071 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
Hyland Gold 095D 011 Hard-rock Deposit
Triple Crown 115J 005 Hard-rock Showing
Craig 106C 073 Hard-rock Deposit
Trent 106C 104 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
Butter 115I 126 Hard-rock Anomaly
Discovery 106C 103 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
Fyre Lake 105G 034 Hard-rock Deposit
Beavon 115I 089 Hard-rock Anomaly
Bored 115N 100 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
Hopper Porphyry Zone 115H 034 Hard-rock Prospect
Rod 106C 087 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
Stormy 105F 011 Hard-rock Deposit
Copper Castle 115H 019 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
Blue Lite 106D 084 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
Flat Top 106D 005 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
Bix 115P 031 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
Bix 79-2 115P 067 Hard-rock Drilled Prospect

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Number Relationship Authors Title
YEG1979_80-pg45 Contains Abbott, J.G. A new geological map of Mt. Hundere and the area north
YEG1979_80-pg51 Contains Abbott, G. A new geological map of the upper Coal River area
YEG1979_80-pg85 Contains J.A. Morin A note on rock geochemistry of the Clear Lake massive sulphide
YEG1979_80-pg60 Contains Erdmer, P. Comparative studies of cataclastic allochtonous rocks in McQuesten, Laberge and Finlayson Lake map-areas
YEG1979_80-pg68 Contains J.A. Morin Element distribution in Yukon gold-silver deposits
YEG1979_80-pg116 Contains Roots, C.F. Geological setting of gold-silver veins on Montana Mountain
YEG1979_80-pg123 Contains Watson, P.H., Godwin, C.I, and Armstrong, R.L. Geology, mineralization, and K-Ar and Rb-Sr isotopic study of the RAM zinc-lead-silver property Yukon Plateau, southwest Yukon Territory (105D/4)
YEG1979_80-pg7 Contains D. Tempelman-Kluit Geology and mineral deposits of southern Yukon
YEG1979_80-pg98 Contains Morin, J.A. Geology and mineralization of the Hopkins Lake area, 115H/2, 3, 6, 7, Yukon
YEG1979_80-pg32 Contains Abbott, J.G. Geology of Seagull Tin District
YEG1979_80-pg65 Contains M. Htoon Isotopic age determinations of some metamorphic and igneous rocks from Clinton Creek area, Yukon
YEG1979_80 Contains Morin, J.A. Model of mineralization related to cauldron facies syenite in the Pelly Mountains
YEG1979_80-pg55 Contains Chronic, F.J. and Godwin, C.I. Rare earth elements in the Guano-Guayes skarn property Pelly Mountains, Yukon Territory
YEG1979_80-pg115 Contains Robertson, B.T. The geology of the Rapid Creek-Big Fish River phosphatic iron formation Northern Richardson Mountains, Yukon
YEG1979_80-pg105 Contains Morin, J.A. The McMillan Deposit - a stratabound lead-zinc-silver deposit in sedimentary rocks of Upper Proterozoic age, Yukon
YEG1979_80-pg91 Contains J.A. Morin Volcanogenic iron and base metal occurrences in Klondike Schist
YEG1979_80-pg110 Contains Reid, R.P. Report of field work on the Upper Triassic reef complex of Lime Peak, Laberge Map Area, Yukon