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The Whitehorse Copper Belt - An annotated geology map
Reference Type
Yukon Geological Survey
Document Type
Open File (Geological - Bedrock)

General Information

Abstract: This publication is a field guide to the geology and mining history of the Whitehorse Copper Belt. It is designed to assist Whitehorse residents and visitors in exploring this fascinating area. Sheet 1 is a geological map with a list of suggested stops, while sheet 2 provides specific descriptions of many mineral occurrences. Stops are numbered roughly from north to south on this map, and are grouped according to their geographic location and access routes on sheet 2.
Authors: Heon, D. (comp)
Map Scale: 1 : 50000
NTS Mapsheet(s): 105D
Citation: Heon, D. (comp), 2004. The Whitehorse Copper Belt - An annotated geology map. Yukon Geological Survey, Open File 2004-15.


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NTS Mapsheet(s): 105D

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