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Yukon Exploration 1991
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Indian & Northern Affairs Canada/Department of Indian & Northern Development: Exploration & Geological Services Division
Document Type
Annual Report

General Information

Abstract: Yukon Exploration 1991 consists of three parts: Part A is a comprehensive overview of mining and exploration activity in Yukon, Part B summarizes the activities of the Exploration and Geological Services Division (EGSD) of the Northern Affairs Program, Yukon Region, and Part C documents significant new or previously unpublished information based on property visits by EGSD staff and affiliated geoscientists. Each geological paper in Part C is searchable as a separate metadata record.
Authors: Yukon Exploration and Geological Services
Map Scale: 1 : 0
NTS Mapsheet(s): Yukon Wide
Citation: Yukon Exploration 1991. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Yukon Exploration and Geological Services, Whitehorse, 42 p.


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Name Number Type Status
Brewery Creek 116B 160 Hard-rock Past Producer
Fyre Lake 105G 034 Hard-rock Deposit
Blende-West (Main) 106D 064 Hard-rock Deposit
Tom Main 105O 001 Hard-rock Deposit

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YEG1991-pg35 Contains Hart, C.J.R. Chieftain Hill property (Morning, Evening, Ocean), south Yukon
YEG1991-pg19 Contains Hart, C.J.R. Goddell property, south Yukon
YEG1991-pg40 Contains Hart, C.J.R. Raca property (Fawley), south Yukon