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Mineral Industry Report 1977
Reference Type
Indian & Northern Affairs Canada/Department of Indian & Northern Development: Geology
Document Type
Annual Report

General Information

Abstract: This report is a review of the Yukon mineral industry for 1977 by the Geology Section, Yukon, Northern Affairs Program, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs. It includes descriptions of work conducted on mineral claims by individuals and mineral exploration companies and operating summaries of the several producing mines in the Yukon. It also contains technical papers on select properties.

Information in this report was obtained from visits to mineral properties, from personal communication with individuals and from technical reports, trade journals, newspapers, publications of the Geological Survey of Canada and the monthly reports of the District Mining Recorders. A list of assessment reports, both confidential and those available for inspection, is included in the list of Technical Reports.

In this report, activities of the mineral industry are divided into lode mining and exploration, coal mining and exploration and placer mining.
Authors: Morin, J.A., Marchand, M., Craig, D.B. and Debicki, D.L.
Citation: INAC, 1979. Mineral Industry Report 1977, J.A. Morin, M. Marchand, D.B. Craig, R.L. Debicki (eds.), Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Northern Affairs Program, Geology Section, 124 p.

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