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115I 045
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4/13/2024 9:26:18 PM

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General Information
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General Information

Secondary Commodities: copper, molybdenum, zinc
Deposit Type(s): Porphyry Cu-Mo-Au
Location(s): 62°17'58" N - -137°18'55" W
NTS Mapsheet(s): 115I06
Location Comments: 1 Kilometres
Hand Samples Available: No
Last Reviewed:


Work History

Staked as the Mary, Ray, Red, Gladys cl in 1953 by Newkirk Mg Corp L, which performed mapping and a resistivity survey in 1954. Restaked as Fritz cl (85308) in Aug/63 & KP cl (90523) in Sep/64 by Meridian Synd (Canex, Noranda & Homestake), which conducted geochem sampling in 1964; and as Ram cl (Y40084) in Nov/69 by Golden Gate EL, which conducted an airborne geophysical survey and geochem sampling in 1970 and bulldozer trenching and more sampling in 1972.
Noranda staked Leta cl (YA23905) 3.2 km to the southeast in Jan/79 and explored with soil sampling later in the year and hand trenching in 1980.
The northeast side was restaked as May cl (YA82024) in Jun/84 by Shakwak ECL, which performed mapping and geochem sampling later in the year. The Kitza cl (YB8968) were staked to the southeast by Noranda EL in Nov/87 and the Jason cl (YB20306) were staked adjacent to the Kitza by Doron EL in Jul/88. The May claims were transferred in Oct/89 to R. Granger.

Capsule Geology

The claims cover a complex intrusive environment. No mineralization was found prior to 1980 although a copper-zinc soil anomaly was outlined on the Ram 1-4 claims and a copper-zinc-molybdenum soil anomaly on the Ram 13-20 claims. The 1954 and 1970 geophysical programs both located strong, northwest trending, linear conductors.
Noranda's trenching encountered chalcopyrite and molybdenite in a porphyry body that intrudes unfoliated granodiorite.


GOLDEN GATE EXPLORATIONS LTD, 1970. Assessment Report *#060200 by J.H. Montgomery and P.P. Nielsen.


NEWKIRK MINING CORP. LTD, Sep/54. Assessment Report #017449 by J.D. McConnell.

NORANDA EXPLORATION CO. LTD, 1979. Assessment Report #090536 by G. MacDonald.


Work History

Date Work Type Comment
12/31/1987 Trenching
12/31/1984 Geology
12/31/1984 Geochemistry Also rock sampling.
12/31/1980 Trenching
12/31/1979 Geochemistry
12/31/1972 Geochemistry Also rock sampling.
12/31/1972 Trenching
12/31/1970 Geochemistry Also rock sampling.
12/31/1970 Airborne Geophysics Also radiometric survey.
12/31/1964 Geochemistry No data available
12/31/1954 Geology
12/31/1954 Ground Geophysics

Assessment Reports that overlap occurrence

Report Number Year Title Worktypes Holes Drilled Meters Drilled
060200 1970 Report on the Geophysical and Geochemical Surveys Ram and Bow Claim Groups Electromagnetic - Airborne Geophysics, Magnetic - Airborne Geophysics, Rock - Geochemistry, Soil - Geochemistry

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