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Occurrence Details

Occurrence Number
115I 042
Occurrence Name
Occurrence Type

General Information

Primary Commodities: copper, gold, silver, molybdenum, tungsten
Aliases: Golden Revenue, Freegold
Deposit Type(s): Porphyry Cu-Mo-Au
Location(s): 62.332640 N, -137.2641 W
NTS Mapsheet(s): 115I06
Location Comments: Coordinates provided by Triumph Gold in 2020.
Hand Samples Available at YGS: Yes


Work History

P.F. Guder discovered gold-quartz float in the vicinity as early as 1934. He staked Revenue Copper in 1950 on a copper showing he explored that year with a shallow shaft and adit. The property was optioned by Conwest Exploration Ltd, which carried out EM and resistivity surveys in 1951. Guder re-staked it as Revenue Copper cl 1-8 (67180) in 1953 and tied on Addition cl 1-2 (68060) to the south in 1954. The claims were subsequently optioned by Teck Exploration Company Ltd., which drilled 5 holes (427 m) in 1954 and by Asbestos Corporation, which carried out geochemical surveying in 1959. Guder tied on Addition cl 3-4 (74488) to the west in 1959 and Addition cl 5 (75323) to the west and Homestake cl 1-2 (75321) to the south in 1960. The claims were then optioned by the Meridian Syndicate (Canex Aerial Exploration Ltd., Noranda Exploration Company Ltd. and Homestake Mining Company), which drilled 3 holes (165 m) and carried out geochemical surveying in 1964 and by General Enterprises Ltd in 1967. Between 1967 and 1968, 25 Inca, Revenue, Rev and Add claims were added to the fringes of the property. A new company, Yukon Revenue Mines Ltd., was formed in 1968 to develop the property and carried out road building, bulldozer trenching, geochemical sampling, IP surveying and drilled 10 holes (1 268 m) in 1968 and 1969.

Optioned in 1970 by Kaiser Resources Ltd., which carried out grid soil sampling, IP surveying and drilled 20 percussion holes (1 817 m) and 9 diamond drill holes (1 212 m). The property reverted to Yukon Revenue, which carried out bulldozer trenching in 1974, 1978 and 1979 and drilled 3 holes (179.6 m) in 1980. In 1983, the property was optioned to Shakwak Exploration Company Ltd., which carried out geochemical, magnetic and EM surveying later in the year and drilled 9 holes (625 m) in 1984.

Nordac Mining Corporation acquired Shakwak's interest in 1985 and carried out grid soil sampling and excavator trenching that year and in 1986. Nordac staked Bit cl 1F-18F (YA95206) to cover exposed fraction within the claim group in July 1986. In 1987, Nordac changed its name to Big Creek Resources Ltd. and entered a joint venture with Rexford Minerals Ltd. (Big Creek Joint Venture), which staked Subtract cl 2-3 (YA97442), carried out machine trenching, VLF-EM and magnetometer surveying in 1987 and drilled 2 holes (295.6 m) in 1988. Big Creek purchased Rexford’s interest in 1989 and drilled 11 holes (1 018 m) in 1991.

Big Creek subsequently merged with Pacific Sentinel Gold and the claims were later sold to Amarc Resources Ltd., which returned them to Yukon Revenue in 1995. Yukon Revenue changed its name to YKR International Resources Ltd. in 1996 and carried out magnetometer and VLF-EM surveying that year and in 1998.

In 1999, ATAC Resources Ltd. optioned the Revenue claims from YKR and tied on Nuc cl 1-7 (YC09279) to the north. At the same time, ATAC purchased the adjoining Nucleus claims (MINFILE occurrence 115I 107) from the W4 Joint Venture consolidating a total of 151 claims in the area to form a single contiguous claim group, which they named the Golden Revenue property. ATAC carried out geological mapping, prospecting, soil sampling, magnetometer surveying and hand trenching during 1999. ATAC performed soil geochemistry in 2001 at Revenue.

The Golden Revenue property was further consolidated in 2006 by Northern Freegold Resources. Northern Freegold Resources performed a property wide VTEM and magnetic airborne survey in 2006. The company also carried out silt geochemistry, bedrock mapping and magnetic and gamma-ray surveys in 2009; RC drilling (40 holes, 5 634 m), rock and soil geochemistry and a TITAN IP survey in 2010; and diamond drilling of 13 holes in 2011.

Northern Freegold released the technical report for the Preliminary Economic Assessmment (NI 43-101 compliant) for both the Nucleus and Revenue deposits on April 09 2013 (GeoVector Management, 2013).

A revised resource estimate was released by Northern Freegold in a February 28, 2015 report by GeoVector Management Inc.

Triumph Gold acquired Northern Freegold Resources in 2015 and carried out a re-logging program in 2016 at Revenue. Triumph carried out diamond drilling (18 holes, 7 615 m) and rock geochemistry in 2017; soil geochemistry, rock sampling and ground magnetic and IP geophysics in 2018; and diamond drilling (7 holes, 5 557 m) in 2019. In 2020, Triumph released an updated, NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate on March 27, 2020 prepared by R. Sim and B. Davis.

Regional & Property Geology

The occurrence is partly underlain by Yukon-Tanana Terrane (YTT). The rocks of the YTT in this region consist of Early Mississippian metamorphic rocks separated into meta-sedimentary and meta-igneous suites. The meta-sedimentary suite consists of micaceous quartz-feldspar gneiss, schist and quartzite. The meta-igneous package is comprised of biotite-hornblende feldspar gneiss and coarse-grained granodiorite orthogneiss with lesser amphibolite.

The YTT basement rocks are cut by numerous plutonic and volcanic events from the Mesozoic (Allan & Friend, 2018), including:
1. Early Jurassic Long Lake monzonite to syenite plutonic suites;
2. Mid-Cretaceous Mount Nansen Suite andesite to diorite;
3. Mid-Cretaceous Whitehorse granodiorite, quartz monzonite and granite;
4. Late Cretaceous Casino quartz monzonite;
5. Late Cretaceous Prospector Mountain syenite; and,
6. Quartz feldspar and feldspar hornblende porphyry dykes and plugs.

The dominant rock type in the Revenue deposit is Mid-Cretaceous granodiorite intruded by an east-trending ovoid breccia-body approximately 1000 m long by 500 m wide. The breccia body consists of clast-supported, quartz feldspar breccia tuff typically altered to clay and carbonate (Davis & Sim, 2020).

Mineralization & Results

Mineralization at the Revenue deposit occurs as porphyry-style stockwork veins and disseminated pyrite and chalcopyrite in potassically altered granodiorite and, to a lesser extent, Revenue breccia. Mineralization is concentrated along the contact between the granodiorite and breccia; however, increased gold and copper values are also present in zones of increased faulting and at the margins of quartz-feldspar porphyry dykes (AR 097175).
A 6 100 m x 1 500 m zone of anomalous Cu-Au soil geochemistry extends across onto the adjoining Nucleus (MINFILE occurrence 115I 107) property. Most of the drilling prior to 1967 was near the original Discovery Zone, where copper and gold mineralization occurs over a width of 90 m along a 70 south-dipping contact between a 1 500 x 360 m breccia zone and quartz monzonite. Guder's adit reportedly cut a zone 5 m wide that assayed 15% Cu and 15.6 g/t Au.

Subsequent geochemical surveys outlined a copper anomaly with erratic molybdenum response to the south, exceeding 1 200 by 1 000 m in area, in which most of the Yukon Revenue and Kaiser holes were drilled. The best intersection obtained by Yukon Revenue was 0.12% Cu and 0.03 MoS2 over 40 m. Kaiser's assays ranged between 0.02% and 0.05% Cu with a trace of molybdenum. Hydrothermal alteration is fairly weak except near the Discovery Zone, where propylitic and argillic zones are strong and phyllic alteration has been recognized. Trenching nearby in 1978 cut a zone assaying 12.5 g/t Au, 62.4 g/t Ag and 0.28% WO3 across 3.3 m, plus a second zone, in altered granodiorite about 1 500 m away, that assayed 0.30% WO3 across a 25 m channel sample.

Two of the 1984 holes were drilled near the Discovery Zone, while the other seven tested a 3 000 m long zone of brecciated rhyolite that lies southwest of the Discovery Zone and consists of scattered exposures (Zones 2, 2A, 3, 4). The best results were obtained from Holes 84-5, -7 and -9, which were all drilled on Zone 2A. Hole 84-5 intersected 7.6 m grading 2.54 g/t Au, 18.9 g/t Ag and 0.72% Cu; Hole 84-7 intersected 7.0 m grading 4.46 g/t Au, 22.3 g/t Ag, 1.02% Cu and 0.14% W; and Hole 84-9 returned 3.0 m grading 12.69 g/t Ag and 0.20% W.

The 1987 trenching exposed a new mineralized zone (Grange; MINFILE occurrence 115I 193) that had been outlined by gold soil geochemistry, northwest of the Discovery Zone.

The 1991 drilling tested for supergene enrichment below the leached cap encountered in earlier drill holes. Two of the four holes intersected significant mineralization, including 1.03 g/t Au and 0.28% Cu over 38.3 m in DR91-1 and 0.14g/t Au and 0.18% Cu over 22.9 m in DR91-2.

Sampling in 1999 served to confirm the results of previous sampling of the various zones and tested for gold anomalies that are coincident with high levels of associated arsenic and bismuth, which are pathfinders for intrusive related gold systems.

Drilling in 2010 by Northern Freegold Resources returned several significant results, including: 1.83 g/t Au, 10.46 g/t Ag, 0.62% Cu, 57.8 ppm Mo, and 262.1 ppm W over 5.65 m in RVD10-10; 0.12 g/t Au, 1.89 g/t Ag, 0.08% Cu, 51.4 ppm Mo, and 115.3 ppm W over 27.25 m in RVD10-011; and 0.15 g/t Au, 1.63 g/t Ag, 0.08% Cu and 56.7 ppm Mo over 7.85 m in RVD10-013.

Diamond drilling in 2017 by Triumph Gold intersected strong Cu-Au mineralization, including: 0.971 g/t Au, 7.38 g/t Ag, 0.218% Cu and 0.014% Mo over 58.65 m in RVD17-12 and 1.06 g/t Au, 2.16 g/t Ag, 0.083% Cu and 0.0007% Mo over 30 m in RVD17-10 (Triumph Gold, MD&A, 28 Nov/2017).

Triumph Gold’s 2018 diamond drilling program delineated several zones of high-grade mineralization, including the Blue Sky zone (MINFIEL occurrence 115I 198) and the WAu breccia (MINFILE occurrence 115I 197).

Location Map

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Work History

Year Work Type Comment
2020 Studies: Resource Estimate Updated resource estimate prepared by R. Sim and B. Davis, March 27, 2020.
2019 Drilling: Diamond Seven holes, 5 557 m.
2019 Geochemistry: Drill Core
2018 Geochemistry: Rock Grab sampling.
2018 Geochemistry: Soil
2018 Ground Geophysics: IP
2018 Ground Geophysics: Magnetics
2017 Drilling: Diamond Eighteen holes, 7 615 m.
2017 Geochemistry: Drill Core
2017 Geochemistry: Rock Grab sampling.
2016 Other Core relogging program.
2015 Studies: Resource Estimate Updated resource estimate. GeoVector Management Inc, Feb 28, 2015.
2013 Studies: Preliminary Economic Assessment GeoVector Management, 2013.
2011 Drilling: Diamond
2010 Drilling: Reverse Circulation Forty holes, 5,634 m.
2010 Geochemistry: Rock And RC chip sampling.
2010 Geochemistry: Soil
2010 Ground Geophysics: IP TITAN survey.
2009 Geochemistry: Silt
2009 Geology: Bedrock Mapping
2009 Ground Geophysics: Magnetics And gamma-ray spectrometry.
2006 Airborne Geophysics: Magnetic Property wide survey.
2006 Airborne Geophysics: VTEM Property wide survey.
2001 Geochemistry: Soil
1999 Geochemistry: Soil
1999 Geology: Bedrock Mapping
1999 Ground Geophysics: Magnetics
1999 Other: Prospecting
1999 Trenching: Hand
1998 Ground Geophysics: Magnetics Also VLF-EM surveys.
1991 Drilling: Diamond Eleven holes, 1,018 m.
1988 Drilling: Diamond Two holes, 295.6 m.
1987 Ground Geophysics: EM Also VLF survey.
1987 Trenching: Mechanical
1985 Geochemistry: Soil
1985 Trenching: Mechanical
1984 Drilling: Diamond Nine holes, 625 m.
1983 Ground Geophysics: EM Also magnetic survey.
1983 Pre-existing Data: Data Compilation
1982 Drilling: Diamond Three holes, 174 m.
1978 Trenching: Mechanical
1974 Trenching: Mechanical
1970 Drilling: Diamond Thirteen holes, 1,212 m.
1970 Drilling: Percussion Twenty-five holes, 1,817 m.
1970 Geochemistry: Soil
1970 Trenching: Mechanical
1968 Ground Geophysics: IP Also EM survey.
1967 Development, Surface: Access Road
1967 Drilling: Diamond Ten holes, 1,268 m.
1965 Drilling: Diamond Three holes, 165 m.
1964 Geochemistry: Soil
1959 Geochemistry: Soil Also silt sampling.
1954 Drilling: Diamond Five holes, 427 m.
1951 Ground Geophysics: Downhole Survey Also resistivity survey.
1950 Development, Underground: Shaft Development Shallow drifting & shafting.
1950 Other: Prospecting First claims staked.
1934 Other: Prospecting Gunder discovered gold-quartz float.

Regional Geology - Terrane

Group: Intermontane
Affinity: W Laurentia
Name: Yukon-Tanana
Realm: peri-Laurentian

Regional Geology - Bedrock

Group/Suite: Whitehorse
Period Max: Cretaceous
Age Max: 112 MA
Period Min: Cretaceous
Age Min: 100 MA
Rock Major: granodiorite
Rock Minor:
Reference: Allan & Friend (2018) - YGS OF 2018-2
Geological Unit (1M): mKW
Geological Unit (250K): mKgW

Assessment Reports that overlap occurrence

Report Number Year Title Worktypes Holes Drilled Meters Drilled
094745 2006 2006 Geophysical Assessment Report on the Freegold Mountain Property Electromagnetic Airborne Geophysics, Magnetic Airborne Geophysics
094539 2004 Diamond Drilling at the Golden Revenue Property Big Creek, Nucleus, and Revenue Claim Blocks Diamond Drilling, Drill Core Geochemistry 14 1832
094256 2001 Diamond Drilling, Excavator Trenching, and Geophysical Surveys on the Golden Revenue Property Diamond Drilling, Drill Core Geochemistry, IP Ground Geophysics, Prospecting Other, Mechanical Trenching 6 1202
094191 2001 Linecutting, Road Building and Excavator Trenching on the Revenue Property All Weather Road Development, Surface, Rock Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry, Line Cutting Other, Mechanical Trenching
094102 1999 Geological Mapping, Prospecting, Soil Geochemistry, Hand Trenching, and Ground Magnetic Surveys on the Golden Revenue Property Soil Geochemistry, Detailed Bedrock Mapping Geology, Magnetics Ground Geophysics, Prospecting Other, Hand Trenching
093742 1997 Compilation Report on the Revenue Creek Property Data Compilation Pre-existing Data
092131 1987 Report on Trenching Program and Geophysical Survey Revenue Property Revenue Creek Rock Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry, EM Ground Geophysics, Magnetics Ground Geophysics, Mechanical Trenching
091804 1985 Geological and Geochemical Report on the NUCLEUS Property Rock Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry, Bedrock Mapping Geology, Property Evaluation Other, Prospecting Other, Mechanical Trenching
062183 1983 Preliminary Evaluation Report on the Revenue Creek Property Preliminary Economic Assessment Studies
060200 1970 Report on the Geophysical and Geochemical Surveys Ram and Bow Claim Groups Electromagnetic Airborne Geophysics, Magnetic Airborne Geophysics, Rock Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry
060739 1954 Geophysical Tests and Survey on the Property of Revenue Copper Group, Big Creek Area EM Ground Geophysics, Magnetics Ground Geophysics, Resistivity Ground Geophysics, Self-Potential Ground Geophysics

Related References

Number Title Page(s) Document Type
ARMC008517 Fact sheet - Revenue-nucleus Cu+Au porphyry News Release
ARMC012155 Report on induced polarization survey, Carmacks area, Yukon - On behalf of Yukon Revenue Mines Ltd. Report
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ARMC016627 Land and disposition and mineral deposits chart - Freegold - Big Creek area Geoscience Map (General)
ARMC012156 Geological report on the Yukon Revenue property, Carmacks, Y.T. (formely Revenue Copper) Report
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094191 Linecutting, Road Building and Excavator Trenching on the Revenue Property Assessment Report
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062183 Preliminary Evaluation Report on the Revenue Creek Property Assessment Report
093742 Compilation Report on the Revenue Creek Property Assessment Report
095250 2009 Drilling Report on the Nucleus Property with Assessment Applied to the Caribou Creek Claims, Yukon Assessment Report
090854 Drill Logs - Revenue Copper 1, 4 Assessment Report
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Paulter, J. (2006). Evaluation Report on the Freegold Project for Northern Freegold Resources. Available on SEDAR.
Triumph Gold Corp.. MD&A: 26 Nov/2012; 27 Apr/2018; 23 Apr/2019
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021


Year Zone Type Commodity Grade Tonnage Amount Reported Amount 43-101 Compliant Cut-off
2013 Revenue- in pit (Open Pit) Inferred copper .129 % 61,995,000 80,240,030 Yes Yes pit-optimized
2013 Revenue-in pit (Open Pit) Inferred molybdenum .042 % 61,995,000 11,834,700 Yes Yes pit-optimized
2013 Revenue- in pit (Open Pit) Inferred silver 3.18 g/t 61,995,000 197,165,000 Yes Yes pit-optimized
2013 Revenue- In pit (Open Pit) Inferred gold .374 g/t 61,995,000 23,203,000 Yes Yes pit-optimized
2012 Revenue (Open Pit) Inferred copper .13 % 100,983,062 130,122,585 Yes Yes 0.5g/t AuEq
2012 Revenue (Open Pit) Inferred molybdenum .04 % 100,983,062 40,644,567 Yes Yes 0.5g/t AuEq
2012 Revenue (Open Pit) Inferred silver 3.14 g/t 100,983,062 317,077,700 Yes Yes 0.5g/t AuEq
2012 Revenue (Open Pit) Inferred gold .34 g/t 100,983,062 34,808,600 Yes Yes 0.5g/t AuEq

Drill Core at YGS Core Library

Number Property Year Drilled Core Size Photos Data
JB-1 Revenue 1984 NQ 0 0
JB-2 Revenue 1984 NQ 0 0
JB-4 Revenue 1984 NQ 0 0
JB-5 Revenue 1984 NQ 0 0
S-84-1 Revenue 1984 HQ 0 0
S-84-2 Revenue 1984 HQ 0 0
S-84-5 Revenue 1984 HQ 0 0
S-84-7 Revenue 1984 HQ 0 0

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