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Drill Core Details

Howard's Pass
Drill Hole Number

General Information

Core condition: Good
Core size: NQ
Complete hole: YES
Total length: 50 m
Total boxes: 7
Drilled by:
Location: 62.46916 N, -129.21360 W
Location comment:
Elevation (m):
Azimuth: °
Dip: °
Comments: Box Details: Sampled in intervals.

Core is available for viewing. If you wish to sample the core, please send an email to This core has not been vetted and we are working to improve the data quality. If you find errors or omissions please let us know.

Location Map

Deposit Type and Commodities

Deposit Type Hierarchy:
  • Metallic
  • Syngenetic
  • Sediment-hosted
  • Sedimentary exhalative
  • Sulphide