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Update Frequency: Yearly
Released By: Yukon Geological Survey
Contact Info: Maurice Colpron (867) 667-8235
Summary: This product contains whole rock chemical analyses from Yukon samples.
Citation: Yukon Geological Survey, 2020. Yukon Lithogeochemistry data set. Yukon Geological Survey, [accessed month day, year].


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Yukon Lithogeochemistry Database
May 2020
Release notes
The Yukon Lithogeochemistry database is a compilation of >3400 whole rock geochemical analyses of plutonic, volcanic, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks in Yukon. This compilation is based primarily on published and unpublished data acquired by the Yukon Geological Survey and Geological Survey of Canada as part of regional mapping campaigns, but also includes data from published journal articles and unpublished theses. The analyses were performed at various laboratories using a range of generally high-precision methods summarized in the metadata file included.

The Lithogeochemistry “database” is presented as a “flat file” (in shapefile, geodatabase and text formats). This allows for easier integration into the user’s GIS platform and for greater spatial querying of the data.

The Yukon Lithogeochemistry database will be subject to periodic updates as new data are acquired with ongoing mapping, exploration and other research activities. Any errors, omissions or new data known to the user should be reported to the Yukon Geological Survey. Your feedback contributes to improving the accuracy of the geoscience databases for Yukon.

Revision History

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2020/08/03 Initial Release