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Released By: Yukon Geological Survey
Contact Info: Maurice Colpron -
Summary: Geochronology is a discipline of geoscience which measures the age of earth materials and provides the temporal framework in which other geoscience data can be interpreted in the context of Earth history. This knowledge helps to answer questions such as when did a volcano last erupt, what is the rate of crustal uplift in a specific area, are rocks at one gold prospect the same age as those at another.
Citation: Yukon Geological Survey, 2020. Yukon Geochronology – A database of Yukon isotopic age determinations. Yukon Geological Survey, [accessed month day, year].


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June 2018 
Release notes
The Yukon Geochronology database is a compilation of >2180 isotopic age determinations for rock units in Yukon. It builds upon the previous digital compilation of geochronological data by Breitsprecher and Mortensen (2004) and includes new dates that were acquired since.  This database includes mainly crystallization ages for igneous rocks and cooling ages of igneous and metamorphic rocks. A smaller number of age determinations (~10%) date metamorphism, hydrothermal alteration, mineralization, or the depositional age of sedimentary strata. Dating methods include mainly U/Pb (>43%, mostly of zircon), K/Ar (33%) and 40Ar/39Ar (~17%), with fewer samples dated using Rb/Sr, Re/Os, fission track and other techniques.
Not included in this database are the growing number of U-Pb detrital zircon analyses, mainly acquired by laser ablation inductively coupled mass spectrometry (LA-ICPMS) and typically reporting >100 dates per sample; these data will be compiled in a future, separate database. The few exceptions are for samples where a depositional age was precisely determined by U/Pb dating of syn-depositional zircon using the chemical abrasion, isotope dilution, thermal ionization mass spectrometry (CA-TIMS) technique.
The “database” is presented here as a “flat file” (in shapefile, geodatabase and text formats) as opposed to the previous relational Access database. This allows for easier integration into the user’s GIS platform and for greater spatial querying of the data.
The Yukon Geochronology database will be subject to periodic updates as new age determinations are acquired with ongoing mapping, exploration and other research activities. Any errors, omissions or new data known to the user should be reported to the Yukon Geological Survey. Your feedbacks contribute to improving the accuracy of the geoscience databases for Yukon.
Breitsprecher, K. and Mortensen, J.K., 2004. Yukonage 2004: A database of isotopic age determinations for rock units from Yukon Territory, Canada.  Yukon Geological Survey, Whitehorse, Yukon,