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Assessment Report Details

Report Number
Report on Preliminary Reconnaissance of Coal Exploration Licence Areas in the Whitehorse Trough, North-Central Yukon, 2017

General Information

Report Type: Assessment Report - Hardrock
Authors: Brewer, K.
Claims: Coal Licences CYW0143-CYW0157
Date Submitted: 07 Sep 2017
Types of work done: Property Evaluation - Other


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Location Map


Name Number Type Status
115H 002 Andesite Hard-rock Prospect
115I 005 Conglomerate Hard-rock Anomaly
105E 022 Corduroy Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
115I 077 Crossing Hard-rock Showing
115H 013 Division Hard-rock Deposit
105L 038 Eugene Hard-rock Unknown
115I 004 Five Fingers Hard-rock Past Producer
115I 098 Hlavay Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
105E 028 Klusha Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
115H 001 Losch Hard-rock Prospect
115I 083 Meyers Hard-rock Unknown
115H 003 Nippon Hard-rock Showing
115H 044 Power Hard-rock Showing
115I 092 Rink Hard-rock Anomaly
115I 108 Toot Hard-rock Showing
115H 012 Vowel Hard-rock Showing
105E 012 Walsh Hard-rock Showing