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Assessment Report Details

Report Number
Drilling and Geochemical Report on the Freegold Mountain Project

General Information

Report Type: Assessment Report
Authors: Halle Geological Services Ltd.
NTS: 115I02, 115I03, 115I06, 115I07
Property: Freegold Mountain
Claims: Sey, Add, Addition, Au, Bit, Feliz, Froh, Happy, Homestake, Inca, Mag, More, Nuc, Nucleus, Rev, Rev-Cop, Revenue, Revenue Copper, Subtract, Goldy, Hill, Tinta, August, Big, Bynordac, Cabage, Dart, Etc
Expenditures: $177,072.04
Date Submitted: 28 Aug 2018
Holes Drilled: 18
Metres Drilled: 7,615.00
Types of work done: Diamond Drilling, Rock Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry, Mechanical Trenching


Report and data is made publicly available 5 years after date submitted. This will be sometime after 28 Aug 2023.

Location Map


Name Number Type Status
115I 058 Tinta Hill Hard-rock Deposit