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Assessment Report Details

Report Number
High resolution Airborne Geophysical Report on the White and the Black Fox Group

General Information

Report Type: Assessment Report - Hardrock
Authors: Hollis, L.
Property: White
Claims: White,Black Fox,Cathy,Ws,Cath,Vg,Black,Blue,Thistle,Ccc,Panda,Infill
Date Submitted: 01 Feb 2011
Types of work done: Electromagnetic - Airborne Geophysics, Gamma-Ray Spectrometry - Airborne Geophysics


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Location Map


Name Number Type Status
115O 166 Arc Deposit Hard-rock Deposit
115J 061 Ballarat Hard-rock Anomaly
115O 014 Black Fox Hard-rock Showing
115O 174 Donahue Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
115O 155 Frisco Hard-rock Unknown
115O 175 Gold Cap Hard-rock Anomaly
115O 165 Golden Saddle Hard-rock Deposit
115O 106 Hakonson Hard-rock Anomaly
115O 173 Kodiak Gold Hard-rock Anomaly
115O 013 Mckinnon Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
115O 012 Ryans Surprise Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
115O 006 Scotch Hard-rock Unknown
115O 011 Teachers Showing Hard-rock Prospect
115O 169 Thistle Mountain Hard-rock Showing
115O 176 Touleary Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
115O 010 Treva Hard-rock Anomaly