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Assessment Report Details

Report Number
Preliminary Report on Geological Control to Ore Distribution in the Whitehorse Copper Belt

General Information

Report Type: Assessment Report - Hardrock
Authors: Duke, N. A., Hodder, R. W.
Property: Whitehorse Copper
Claims: Unknown
Date Submitted: 01 Apr 1974
Holes Drilled: 665
Metres Drilled: 5,555.00
Types of work done: Reverse Circulation - Drilling, Bedrock Mapping - Geology, Petrographic - Lab Work/Physical Studies


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Location Map


Name Number Type Status
105D 200 Anaconda Hard-rock Prospect
105D 209 Arctic Chief Hard-rock Past Producer
105D 211 Best Chance Hard-rock Deposit
105D 206 Big Chief Hard-rock Deposit
105D 217 Black Cub North Hard-rock Deposit
105D 218 Black Cub South Hard-rock Past Producer
105D 219 Brown Cub Hard-rock Prospect
105D 225 Carlisle Hard-rock Past Producer
105D 232 Copper Cliff Hard-rock Showing
105D 224 Copper King Hard-rock Past Producer
105D 230 Cowley Park Hard-rock Deposit
105D 099 Dawn Hard-rock Showing
105D 059 Dugdale Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
105D 227 Empress Of India Hard-rock Showing
105D 124 Garbage Dump Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
105D 214 Gem Hard-rock Deposit
105D 210 Grafter Hard-rock Past Producer
105D 216 Grizzly Cub Hard-rock Showing
105D 223 Gulch Hard-rock Showing
105D 233 Keewenaw Hard-rock Past Producer
105D 215 Kodiak Cub Hard-rock Deposit
105D 058 Kookatsoon Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
105D 062 Lewes River Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
105D 204 Little Chief Hard-rock Past Producer
105D 205 Middle Chief Hard-rock Past Producer
105D 208 North Star Hard-rock Deposit
105D 199 Oj Hard-rock Anomaly
105D 231 Pass Lake Hard-rock Prospect
105D 095 Patnode Hard-rock Unknown
105D 057 Polar Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
105D 222 Pueblo Hard-rock Past Producer
105D 056 Quinalta Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
105D 125 Rabbit-Foot Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
105D 220 Railway Hard-rock Prospect
105D 234 Reservoir Lake Hard-rock Prospect
105D 228 Retribution Hard-rock Showing
105D 235 Scheelite Hard-rock Prospect
105D 123 Schwatka Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
105D 226 Spring Creek Hard-rock Prospect
105D 122 Styba Hard-rock Unknown
105D 212 Suburban Hard-rock Deposit
105D 229 Sue Hard-rock Prospect
105D 061 Topazios Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
105D 054 Tremar Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
105D 207 Valerie Hard-rock Past Producer
105D 213 Verona Hard-rock Prospect
105D 063 Walcott Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
105D 221 War Eagle Hard-rock Past Producer
105D 053 Whitehorse Copper Hard-rock Past Producer
105D 055 Wing Hard-rock Drilled Prospect