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Assessment Report Details

Report Number
Report on the Geophysical and Geochemical Surveys Ram and Bow Claim Groups

General Information

Report Type: Assessment Report
Authors: P. P. Nielsen,J. H. Montgomery
NTS: 115I06
Property: Ram,Bow
Claims: Ram,Bow
Expenditures: $7,051.30
Date Submitted: 16 Nov 1970
Types of work done: Electromagnetic Airborne Geophysics, Magnetic Airborne Geophysics, Rock Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry


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Location Map


Name Number Type Status
115I 111 Antoniuk Hard-rock Deposit
115I 051 Castle Hard-rock Showing
115I 039 Com Hard-rock Anomaly
115I 043 Combo Hard-rock Showing
115I 044 Egg Hard-rock Unknown
115I 120 Elephant Hard-rock Anomaly
115I 055 Emmons Hill Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
115I 050 Granger Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
115I 106 Happy Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
115I 087 Kook Hard-rock Anomaly
115I 054 Laforma Hard-rock Deposit
115I 053 Margarete Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
115I 105 Meridian Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
115I 045 Newkirk Hard-rock Showing
115I 107 Nucleus Hard-rock Deposit
115I 052 Red Fox Hard-rock Drilled Prospect
115I 042 Revenue Hard-rock Deposit
115I 121 Stoddart Hard-rock Showing
115I 112 Whale Hard-rock Showing