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Title: Analyzing historic drilling data to investigate gold distribution on lower Hunker Creek and Klondike River
Authors: van Loon, S.
NTS Mapsheet(s): 115O16, 116B01, 116B02
Citation: van Loon, S., 2019. Analyzing historic drilling data to investigate gold distribution on lower Hunker Creek and Klondike River. In: Yukon Exploration and Geology 2018, K.E. MacFarlane (ed.), Yukon Geological Survey, p. 111–126.

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The Yukon Consolidated Gold Corporation (YCGC) tested, mined, and documented placer gold resources in the Dawson region from 1923 to 1965. The company was established to acquire the holdings of other dredging operations and smaller companies in the Klondike, and during the time it was active in Yukon, YCGC produced a robust collection of maps and textual documents including drilling results, dredge reserves, thawing and stripping layouts, and dredging limits. This paper uses historic YCGC data to summarize gold distribution characteristics in Hunker Creek and builds upon previously published summaries of YCGC data. Attributes of 1005 YCGC drill holes and shafts along lower Hunker Creek and a short section of the Klondike River were digitized, compiled, and analyzed in a Geographical Information System (GIS). A raster analysis of the digitized data allows for interpretation and examination of surficial material thicknesses and gold distribution in the project area and identifies potential prospects for further exploration.

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