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Title: Preliminary observations of the Bouvette Formation at Nadaleen Mountain, Yukon (NTS 106C/2, 3)
NTS Mapsheet(s): 106C02, 106C03
Citation: Busch, J.F., Strauss, J.V., Saylor, M.H., Allen, T.J., Faehnrich, K. and Taylor, J.F., 2019. Preliminary observations of the Bouvette Formation at Nadaleen Mountain, Yukon (NTS 106C/2, 3). In: Yukon Exploration and Geology 2018, K.E. MacFarlane (ed.), Yukon Geological Survey, p. 19–42.

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The Cambrian–Devonian Bouvette Formation outcrops over large parts of central Yukon. Despite its broad lateral and temporal extent, relatively little is known about its age range, facies distribution, depositional history, and significance for early Paleozoic paleogeographic reconstructions of northwestern Laurentia. At Nadaleen Mountain (NTS 106C/2,¿3) in east-central Yukon, the Bouvette Formation is remarkably well exposed and provides new insight into the transition between the southeastern Ogilvie platform and northern Selwyn basin. Here, we present preliminary field data collected from this region during 2017 and 2018, including measured stratigraphic sections, biostratigraphy, and detailed imagery acquired from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), in order to test the hypothesis that the Bouvette Formation locally preserves a platform margin reef and forereef succession. These observations not only provide an important new contribution to Yukon’s early Paleozoic depositional history, but also identify an exceptional location to study carbonate platform–margin depositional environments.



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