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Yukon Geological Survey
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Title: Paleodrainage map of Beringia
Authors: Bond, J.D.
NTS Mapsheet(s): Yukon Wide
Citation: Bond, J.D., 2019. Paleodrainage map of Beringia. Yukon Geological Survey, Open File 2019-2.

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This map illustrates the geography of Beringia, the land bridge that formed between North America and Asia during the last glaciation. Humans crossed Beringia from Asia to North America during the glacial period depicted on this map. Lakes and drainages have been reconstructed to provide a better perspective on the environment of the land mass according to bathymetric data having a grid spacing of 1 km (100 m for Norton Sound). Some of the lake basins are shallow and may have been wetlands rather than open water bodies.


Map for a hard copy of this publication please contact geology@gov.yk.ca http://data.geology.gov.yk.ca/Reference/DownloadProduct/53484
shape files Layer file containing Beringia_Rivers and Beringia_Lakes. http://data.geology.gov.yk.ca/Reference/DownloadProduct/53481