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Yukon Geological Survey
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Open File (Geological - Bedrock)

Title: Revised geological map of Livingstone Creek area (NTS 105E/8)
Authors: Colpron, M.
Map Scale: 1 : 50000
NTS Mapsheet(s): 105E08
Citation: Colpron, M., 2017. Revised geological map of Livingstone Creek area (NTS 105E/8). Yukon Geological Survey, Open File 2017-1, scale 1:50000.

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This map presents an interpretation of the bedrock geology of the Livingstone Creek area that has been revised from a previous Open File map (YGS OF2005-9). The revised interpretation was guided by the acquisition of a detailed VTEM Plus geophysical survey over the area in spring 2016 (YGS OF2016-34 and 35; 200 m line spacing). The detailed magnetic data were particularly useful for increasing the accuracy of contact locations, and identifying additional structures. The electromagnetic survey identifies a number of conductors across the area, some of which remain unexplained (see Colpron et al. in YEG 2016 for discussion). Bedrock exposure is locally hindered by Quaternary glacial and fluvial sediments, particularly in the South Big Salmon valley. Projection of the geology is guided by the geophysics in areas of extensive cover.



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