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Open File (Geochemical)

Title: Enhanced interpretation of stream sediment geochemical data for NTS 115N and 115O
Keywords: Basin modeling, Regional geochemical survey, RGS, Stream sediment geochemistry
NTS Mapsheet(s): 115N, 115O
Citation: Mackie, R., Arne, D. and Pennimpede, C., 2016. Enhanced interpretation of stream sediment geochemical data for NTS 115N and 115O. Yukon Geological Survey, Open File 2016-30, 13 maps.

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New geochemical data from re-analysis of archived stream sediment samples have been assessed using weighted sums modeling and catchment basin analysis as described in the methodology report that accompanies this map (YGS Open File 2015-10). Both commodity and pathfinder element abundances are evaluated to highlight areas that show geochemical responses consistent with a variety of base and precious-metal mineral deposit types. The results of modeling, completed using two approaches, are presented as a series of catchment maps and associated data files. This release is part of a regional assessment of stream sediment geochemistry that covers a large part of Yukon.


maps This zip file (56MB) contains 13 PDF maps. http://ygsftp.gov.yk.ca/publications/openfile/2016/OF2016-30_115NO_maps.zip
map packages This zip file (88MB) contains the ArcGIS map packages. http://ygsftp.gov.yk.ca/publications/openfile/2016/OF2016-30_115NO_map_pkgs.zip