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Occurrence Details

Occurrence Number
105K 080
Occurrence Name
Occurrence Type

General Information

Aliases: Ewe, Gray, Ram, Tiff
Deposit Type(s): Unknown
Location(s): 62°30'15" N - -133°22'33" W
NTS Mapsheet(s): 105K11
Location Comments: 1 Kilometres
Hand Samples Available at YGS: No


Work History

Staked as Gray cl (Y816) in Mar/66 by Zippx Syndicate. The adjoining Ram cl (Y8042) were staked to the east in May by Anvil Mg Corp L and the Tipp cl (Y9696) were staked to the west in July and Aug/66 by Shannon ML. Zippx flew an airborne mag and EM survey in Jun/66.
Anvil's claims were staked on an airborne anomaly indicated by a survey flown in 1965, and geochem and IP surveys were conducted on the group in 1967. Shannon conducted bulldozer trenching on its claims. Anvil conducted linecutting on the RAM group in 1972 and added the Ewe cl (Y67029) in Aug/72.

Capsule Geology

The claims were staked in an area of extensive overburden and probably cover a contact between Cambro-Ordovician quartzose siltstone and chert and the mid-Cretaceous Anvil Batholith. To the southeast, these units are overthrust by shaly limestone and calcareous phyllite of the Cambro-Ordovician Rabbitkettle Formation, and associated basalt, tuff and breccia .


ANVIL MINING CORPORATION LTD, 1966. Assessment Report *#018987 by R.S. Adamson.

ANVIL MINING CORPORATION LTD, 1967. Assessment Report *#018988 by R.K. Watson.


SHANNON MINES LTD, Jan/67. Prospectus Report by A.R. Archer.

ZIPPX SYNDICATE, 1967. Assessment Report *#017932 by R.J. Cathro.

Location Map

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Work History

Year Work Type Comment
1967 Geochemistry: Soil
1967 Ground Geophysics: IP
1966 Airborne Geophysics: Magnetic Also EM survey.
1966 Trenching: Mechanical
1965 Airborne Geophysics: Magnetic Also EM survey.

Regional Geology - Terrane

Group: Ancestral North America
Affinity: W Laurentia
Name: North America - basinal strata
Realm: Laurentia

Regional Geology - Bedrock

Formation: Vangorda
Member: calc-silicate
Terrane: Laurentia
Period Max: Cambrian
Age Max: 500 MA
Period Min: Ordovician
Age Min: 472 MA
Rock Major: calc-silicate
Rock Minor: phyllite
Reference: Cobbett (2015) - YGS OF 2015-2
Geological Unit (1M): COR
Geological Unit (250K): COR1

Assessment Reports that overlap occurrence

Report Number Year Title Worktypes Holes Drilled Meters Drilled
096836 2015 Assessment Report Describing Geological Mapping and Sample Collection by PhD Candidate, Drill Pad Reclamation and Equipment Backhauling Reclamation Development, Surface, Rock Geochemistry, Bedrock Mapping Geology, Process/Interpret Pre-existing Data
096480 2012 Assessment Report Describing Geology, Mineralization, Geochemical Surveys, Diamond Drilling, Metallurgical Testing and Mineral Resources at the Keg Property Diamond Drilling, Rotary Drilling, Drill Core Geochemistry, Rock Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry, Bedrock Mapping Geology, Prospecting Other 65 15160.21
096033 2011 Assessment Report Describing Geological Mapping, Prospecting, Geochemical Sampling, Geophysical Surveying, Baseline Water Surveying, Wildlife Surveying, Trenching and Diamond Drilling Diamond Drilling, Rock Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry, Water Geochemistry, Bedrock Mapping Geology, IP Ground Geophysics, Magnetics Ground Geophysics, Prospecting Other, Environmental Assessment/Impact Studies, Hand Trenching 51 16808.37
018988 1967 Report on an Induced Polarization (I.P.) Survey Ram Claim Group IP Ground Geophysics
017932 1967 Report on Airborne Geophysical Survey Electromagnetic Airborne Geophysics, Magnetic Airborne Geophysics
018987 1966 Geochemical Report on Ram Claim Group at Anvil Creek, Yukon for Anvil Mining Corp. Ltd. Soil Geochemistry
092062 1966 Geological Map of Faro area Regional Bedrock Mapping Geology

Related References

Number Title Page(s) Document Type
2015-2 Geological map of the Anvil Lake area, central Yukon, parts of NTS 105K/11 and 105K/12 Open File (Geological - Bedrock)
ARMC000335 Topography Map - S.E. Anvil Range Geoscience Map (General)
ARMC000336 Original Topography Map - S.E. Anvil Range Geoscience Map (General)
ARMC000041 Colour Geological Map - Barwell Lake Geoscience Map (Geological - Bedrock)
ARMC000050 Geological Map - Barwell Lake Geoscience Map (Geological - Bedrock)
ARMC010756 Magnetometer survey map - Ram group - Drawing No. EWB-29 Geophysical Map
ARMC016744 Geological map - 105K/11 Geoscience Map (Geological - Bedrock)
ARMC010758 Residual map - Ram prospect Geophysical Map
ARMC015738 Diamond drill records - Ram claims - Hole No. 72-R-1 Drill Logs
ARMC010757 Compilation map of Ram claims - Drawing No. FA-7204 Geoscience Map (Geological - Bedrock)
ARMC010759 Magnetic survey map - Ram group - Drawing No. EWX-109 Geophysical Map
ARMC011182 Geochemistry map - Ram - Drawing no. CWA-15 Geochemical Map
ARMC020553 Field notebook - Ram reconnaissance, Rich drilling Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC018792 Field map - Mount Mye - 105K/6 Geoscience Map (General)
ARMC018794 Field map - Tay River area - 105K/6 Geoscience Map (General)
ARMC018795 Field map showing sample stations - 105K/6 Geoscience Map (General)
ARMC020607 Field notes - Magnetometer data - RAM grid Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC017541 Topography map showing geology - Ram area - Drawing No. WB-104 Geoscience Map (General)
ARMC017542 Residual map with overlay - Ram prospect Geophysical Map
ARMC017543 Field notes and sketches with overlay - Ram claims Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC017544 Corresponse regarding Ram claims with sketch maps and notes Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC017545 Property evaluation of the Ram mineral claims Report
ARMC017546 Memo: A discussion of the geology, geophysics and geochemistry of the Ram and Ted groups of claims and recommendations for further work - With attached claim maps Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC017547 Gravity interpretation report including residual map - Ram claims Report
ARMC017548 Geochemical report on Ram claim group at Anvil Creek Report
ARMC017549 Ram geochem results - Cu, Pb, Zn - Sampled and analysed Assays
ARMC021062 Gravity party weekly report - Ram, Ted, Rose Cr, Blind Cr - G-6 Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC021063 Gravity computation sheet - Ram, Ted, Rose Cr, Blind Cr Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC021064 Base ties - Blind Creek Geoscience Map (General)
ARMC021065 Field notes - Original gravity + elevation notes - Ram Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC021066 Terrain corrections - Ted, Ram, Blind Creek - Anvil Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC021067 Field gravity meter data - Ted, Ram, Blind Creek Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC021068 Survey data - Ram Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC021069 Survey data - Blind Crk. Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC021070 Survey data - Ted Miscellaneous Company Documents
ARMC021071 Gravity survey - Profiles of Bouguer gravity - Ted - G-6 Geophysical Map
ARMC021072 Gravity survey - Profiles of Bouguer gravity - Ram - G-7 Geophysical Map
ARMC021073 Gravity survey - Profiles of Bouguer gravity - Rose and Blind creeks - G-8 Geophysical Map

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