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Occurrence Details

Occurrence Number
105K 077
Occurrence Name
Occurrence Type
Drilled Prospect

General Information

Secondary Commodities: Copper, Indium, Lead, Silver, Tin, Zinc
Aliases: Owl Southwest,
Deposit Type(s): Vein Polymetallic Ag-Pb-Zn+/-Au
Location(s): 62°38'55.91" N - -133°21'50.59" W
NTS Mapsheet(s): 105K11
Location Comments: Location marks center of 2011 drilling. Owl Southwest zone = 581674 W 6946190 N, location marks center of 2012 drilling.
Hand Samples Available at YGS: No
Last Reviewed: Feb 25, 2015


Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015
Work History

Staked as Owl cl 1-40 (Y39199) in Oct/69 by Atlas Explorations Ltd for the Hess Project, a joint venture with Quebec Cartier Mining Company Ltd and Phillips Brothers Canada Ltd. Following prospecting, geological mapping, grid soil sampling and silt sampling programs carried out in June/70, the company staked Owl cl 41-84 (Y53528) in July/70. Between July and Sep/70 the company carried out ground magnetic, EM and gravity surveys. The company reportedly drilled 3 diamond drill holes (~ 457 m) in the fall of 1970.  
Restaked within Keg cl 54-369 (YD62954) in Jul/2010 by Strategic Metals Ltd following the release of preliminary exploration results from the Keg deposit located 7 km to the south-southeast. The company carried out grid soil sampling and collected 13 grab and composite rock samples from around the occurrence later in the summer.  Strategic Metals also flew a regional helicopter borne ZTEM geophysical survey over its entire claims holdings which included this occurrence.
In Aug/2010 the company staked Keg cl 370-549 (YD27420) and cl 550-569 (YD28051). In Sep/2010 following receipt of initial drill results Strategic Metals staked Keg cl 570-1300 (YD31870) and cl 1301-1340 YD90531).
In Nov/2010 the company staked Keg cl 1301-2044 (YD00451) and cl 2045-2270 (YD117925) to cover geophysical anomalies identified from the ZTEM geophysical survey flown earlier in the summer. The company also announced that the Keg property/claims would be joined with the Rebel property (located 23 km to the south) and other newly discovered neighbouring areas of porphyry hosted silver-zinc-lead-copper mineralization to form the Silver Range Project.
On January 11, 2011 Strategic Metals announced its intention to spin-out the Silver Range Project and the gold rich Mint Project (Minfile Occurrence 115F 087) located in southwestern Yukon into a new precious metal focused company; Silver Range Resources Ltd. The company and its shareholders would receive shares and purchase warrants in the new company.
In Jun/2011 Strategic Metal commenced their 2011 exploration program. The company carried out a large exploration program on its entire Silver Range Project. Work carried out on this occurrence includes additional rock sampling and the drilling of 4 diamond drill holes (1 165.45 m).
On July 19, 2011 Strategic Metals shareholders approved the plan to spin-out the Silver Range Project and the Mint property into a new company Silver Range Resources Ltd. On August 9, 2011 the Plan of Arrangement was approved by various securities regulators and Silver Range Resources became the owner/operator of the project.
In 2012 Silver Range Resources prospected and rock sampled a south facing slope located approximately 1 km to the south. The company also prospected and collected 32 float and grab samples at the Owl Southwest zone located approximately 2.75 km to the southwest. Some of the samples were collected from an old trench dug at the base of a hill. Silver Range Resources also dug a new trench at the crest of the hill located approximately 65 m to the south-southwest. In mid-July the company collared 2 diamond drill holes (503.23 m) to test the Owl Southwest zone.
In 2013 Silver Range Resources completed an additional 3 diamond drill holes (396.4 m) on the Owl Southwest zone.

Capsule Geology

The occurrence is located approximately 48 km north of the town of Faro and approximately 356 km by road from Whitehorse. Access to the occurrence location is currently provided by helicopter. The Faro area is world renowned for its zinc-lead-silver-barite massive sulphide deposits, mining of which began in 1969 and continued with interruptions until 1997. 
The occurrence is located within the Selwyn Basin a tectonic element comprising deep water clastic rocks, chert and minor carbonate that accumulated along the North American continental margin during Paleozoic time. In the occurrence area the Selwyn Basin lies immediately northeast of units belonging to Slide Mountain and Yukon-Tanana Terranes the most easterly of the allochthonous terranes. Deformation and metamorphism associated with accretion of the terranes was initiated in Jurassic and culminated in Cretaceous. More recently, strike-slip faulting along the Tintina fault resulted in about 450 km of dextral offset during Early Tertiary time. The area is located about 40 km northeast of the fault.
Based on geological mapping completed by Silver Range Resources, the Owl zone is underlain by Carboniferous to Permian Mount Christie Formation chert and siltstone which are structurally overlain by Mississippian Tay Formation limestone and arenite. Mount Christie Formation siliceous siltstone is the lowest exposed unit observed on the east-west trending ridge that hosts the Owl zone. This sub-unit is conformably overlain by a thin package of Mount Christie Formation maroon and grey cherts. The entire formation has been pervasively altered by silica and sulphide mineralization characterized by rusty weathering; light grey-green to grey, laminated to massive, silica-altered rocks which commonly host veinlets and disseminations of arsenopyrite with rare arsenopyrite-galena veins. The alteration zone comprises much of the area hosting the Owl zone.
The Tay Formation outcrops along the top of the ridge and is defined by fossiliferous limestone and discontinuous bands of very fine-grained siliceous rocks. Thick beds of medium grained arenite are regularly exposed within the limestone unit. Rare, grey fine grained, laminated to thinly bedded calcareous siltstone and black coarse-grained, quartz-rich, lithic sandstone are also mapped within the Tay Formation.

Based on Yukon Geological Survey regional-scale mapping and interpretations (Cobbett, 2012) (Pigage, 2004), Tay Formation was thrust faulted over Mount Christie Formation. All units were cut by near vertical faults that strike north-northwest and were offset by up to 150 m. Fracture and vein sets are orientated parallel to these faults and are commonly mineralized.
The Owl claims were staked to cover anomalous copper-lead-zinc soil values detected during a regional sampling program carried out in August and Sep/69. Atlas Exploration was exploring the area for massive volcanogenic sulfides similar to the mineralization recently discovered at the neighbouring Faro mine. Soil sampling identified a coincident copper, lead and zinc anomaly measuring approximately 1 524 by 365 m in the southern half of the claim block.
Prospecting and geological mapping identified gossanous talus and bedrock exposed along a cliff band on the north side of a northwest trending ridge (Owl zone). Within the zone, Atlas identified two types of veins; 1) sphalerite-galena-chalcopyrite-arsenopyrite and pyrite fracture filling veins. The company identified approximately 15 veins with a maximum width of 0.3048 m. Sample # 9713 (exact location unknown) returned 600.7 g/t silver, 0.32 % copper, 11.4 % lead and 0.12 % zinc. A second sample #9715 returned 0.343 g/t gold, 263 g/t silver and 4.0 % lead. The second vein type consists of minor disseminated arsenopyrite and chalcopyrite hosted in quartzite. Sample 9712 returned trace gold and 2.1 g/t silver.

Atlas Explorations also collected several small pieces of sulphide bearing float in talus in the vicinity of a granitic plug located approximately 5 km to the west (near the Buzz grid). The float samples contained vein type mineralization consisting of arsenopyrite with lesser amounts of galena and chalcopyrite in quartz gangue. Sample 4028 returned 0.171 g/t gold, 57.6 g/t silver and 1.7 % copper. A second sample (4030) returned trace gold, 541.7 g/t silver, 0.14 % copper, 7.5 % lead and 0.40 % zinc. The company also recovered a piece of a piece of vein quartz containing arsenopyrite and stibnite while staking the original Owl claims. Despite prospecting the area, a bedrock source could not be located.
Atlas carried out various geophysical surveys over the grid originally cut for the soil sample program. Although both the magnetics and EM geophysical surveys returned anomalies the gravity anomalies were judged to be the most significant anomalies. The consultant hired to interpret the gravity data recommended drilling 3 diamond drill holes to test 2 separate anomalies. The booklet “Mines and Minerals North of 60, Mining Activity in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories 1970” (available from the EMR Library), references 3 diamond drill holes (457 m) collared on the Owl claims (p. 25). None of the holes returned significant mineralization. The same information is also recorded in the Canadian Mines Handbook -1971-72 p. 43, and in Mineral Industry Report 1969-70, p. 94. No drill logs or assessment reports can be found that detail the reported diamond drilling program.  
Strategic Metals staked the addition Keg claims following the discovery of silver-polymetallic mineralization in the fall of 2010 at the Keg Main zone (Minfile Occurrence #105K 078) located approximately 8 km to the south-southeast. Grid soil sampling completed in the fall of 2010 outlined a 2 000 by 2000 m soil anomaly which returned strongly anomalous, coincident  silver, copper and lead values, moderate gold values and accessory arsenic values. Silver values ranged from 5.0 to 87.7 g/t silver. The soil anomaly terminates in areas blanketed by thick layers of organic matter which made further sampling impractical.
Prospecting located a large gossan in the vicinity of the mineralized veins. Five well mineralized rock samples (vein type not reported) averaged 500 g/t silver, 3.52 % zinc, 7.72 % lead, 0.05 % copper, 381 ppm tin and 10.4 ppm indium.

In 2011 Silver Range Resources drilled 4 diamond drill holes to test mineralization hosted within rusty weathering, strong silica altered rocks of Mount Christie and Tay formations. Holes Owl-11-1 and 11-2 tested a mineralized talus slope located near the base of the alteration zone. Neither hole intersected any significant mineralization. Holes Owl-11-3 and 11-4 tested the main alteration zone. Hole 3 intersected a broad mineralized zone which returned 11.77 g/t silver, 0.21 % lead, 0.23 % zinc, 0.02 % copper, 106 ppm tin and 0.51 ppm indium over 28.13 m at a down hole depth of between 65.44 to 93.45 m. Hole 4 intersected several narrow mineralized intervals with the best intersection returning 45.21 g/t silver, 0.78 % lead, 0.38 % zinc, 0.01 % copper. 104 ppm tin and 1.06 ppm indium over 6.09 m, at down hole depth of between 60.5 and 66.14 m.
Additional grid soil sampling completed in 2011 outlined the Owl Southwest zone located approximately 2.75 km southwest of the Owl zone (measured from centre point to centre point). The anomaly measures approximately 700 m long by 600 m wide and is marked by a strong open-ended 200 by 350 m silver in soil geochemical anomaly grading from 10 to 208 g/t silver. The anomaly occurs near the edge of an extensive upland marsh.
Prospecting completed in 2012 uncovered mineralized float along the side of a northwest trending hill. A trench dug at the base of the hill which did not reach bedrock uncovered well mineralized float samples. Eight surface rock samples assayed greater than 1 000 g/t silver, to a maximum of 6 920 g/t silver. A second trench dug to the southwest near the crest of the hill exposed vein mineralization within Mount Christie chert. A chip sample collected from the trench returned 4 770 g/t silver.

In 2012 Silver Range completed two (scout) diamond drill holes (503.23 m) to test for mineralization at the Owl Southwest zone. Both drill holes returned significant silver values, including hole OSW-12-1 which returned 5 370 g/t silver , 0.519 g/t gold, 26.1 % lead and 0.054 % zinc over 0.34 m (from 25.66 to 26.00 m depth).  Drill hole OSW-12-2 returned 432 g/t silver, 0.048 g/t gold, 1.165 % lead and 2.79 % zinc over 1.50 m (from 198.5 to 200.0 m depth). The holes targeted mineralization exposed in the trench dug near the crest of the hill.
In 2013 Silver range drilled 5 additional holes to test the Owl Southwest zone. Two drill holes, OSW-13-3 and 7 were lost before reaching their target depths. Drill hole OSW-13-4 was collared ahead of the vein and returned no significant intersections. Drill hole OSW-13-05 intersected 2.61 m grading 152.4 g/t silver, 0.792 % lead and 0.135 % zinc (from 31.52 to 34.13 m depth) while drill hole OSW-13-6 intersected 11.18 m grading 42.58 g/t silver, 0.133 % lead and 0.240 % zinc (from 71.13 to 82.31 m depth).

Location Map

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015

Work History

Year Work Type Comment
2013 Drilling: Diamond Three holes completed (396.4 m) on Owl Southwest zone.
2012 Drilling: Diamond Two scout holes (503.23 m) collared on Owl Southwest zone.
2012 Geochemistry: Rock Sampled Owl Southwest zone.
2011 Drilling: Diamond Four holes (1,165.45 m) collared on Owl zone.
2011 Geochemistry: Rock Additional rock sampling at Owl zone.
2011 Geochemistry: Soil Additional sampling around Owl Southwest zone.
2011 Geology: Detailed Bedrock Mapping Carried out over Owl zone.
2010 Airborne Geophysics: ZTEM Flown over entire project area.
2010 Geochemistry: Rock Grab and composite samples collected on Owl zone.
2010 Geochemistry: Soil Grid based on Owl zone, contour sampling on Owl Southwest zone.
1970 Drilling: Diamond Reportedly three holes drilled (~457 m). No drill records or report can be located.
1970 Geochemistry: Soil Grid based, also silt sampling.
1970 Geology: Regional Bedrock Mapping Part of larger regional program.
1970 Ground Geophysics: Gravity Survey Also ground magnetometer and EM surveys.

Regional Geology - Terrane

Group: Ancestral North America
Affinity: W Laurentia
Name: North America - basinal strata
Realm: Laurentia

Regional Geology - Bedrock

Formation: Mount Christie
Terrane: Laurentia
Period Max: Carboniferous
Age Max: 328 MA
Period Min: Permian
Age Min: 260 MA
Rock Major: chert/siltstone/shale
Rock Minor: limestone, siltstone, barite
Reference: Cobbett (2015) - YGS OF 2015-2
Geological Unit (1M): CPMC
Geological Unit (250K): CPMC

Assessment Reports that overlap occurrence

Report Number Year Title Worktypes Holes Drilled Meters Drilled
096979 2016 Assessment Report describing Equipment Backhauling at the Keg Property Reclamation Development, Surface
096836 2015 Assessment Report Describing Geological Mapping and Sample Collection by PhD Candidate, Drill Pad Reclamation and Equipment Backhauling Reclamation Development, Surface, Rock Geochemistry, Bedrock Mapping Geology, Process/Interpret Pre-existing Data
096671 2013 Assessment Report Describing Geological Mapping, Prospecting, Geochemical Surveys and Diamond Drilling Diamond Drilling, Rock Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry, Bedrock Mapping Geology, Prospecting Other, Hand Trenching 9 1182.44
096480 2012 Assessment Report Describing Geology, Mineralization, Geochemical Surveys, Diamond Drilling, Metallurgical Testing and Mineral Resources at the Keg Property Diamond Drilling, Rotary Drilling, Drill Core Geochemistry, Rock Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry, Bedrock Mapping Geology, Prospecting Other 65 15160.21
096033 2011 Assessment Report Describing Geological Mapping, Prospecting, Geochemical Sampling, Geophysical Surveying, Baseline Water Surveying, Wildlife Surveying, Trenching and Diamond Drilling Diamond Drilling, Rock Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry, Water Geochemistry, Bedrock Mapping Geology, IP Ground Geophysics, Magnetics Ground Geophysics, Prospecting Other, Environmental Assessment/Impact Studies, Hand Trenching 51 16808.37
060180 1970 Report on Geology, Geochemistry and Geophysics of the Owl Group Silt Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry, Bedrock Mapping Geology, EM Ground Geophysics, Gravity Survey Ground Geophysics, Magnetics Ground Geophysics, Line Cutting Other, Prospecting Other
018941 1968 Hess Project Report 1968 Laforce Lake - Mount Selous Area Rock Geochemistry, Silt Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry, Regional Bedrock Mapping Geology, Prospecting Other
092062 1966 Geological Map of Faro area Regional Bedrock Mapping Geology

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