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Occurrence Details

Occurrence Number
105K 075
Occurrence Name
Occurrence Type

General Information

Deposit Type(s): Unknown
Location(s): 62°37'25" N - -133°40'32" W
NTS Mapsheet(s): 105K12
Location Comments: .5 Kilometres
Hand Samples Available at YGS: No


Work History

Staked as Blue cl (Y61569) in Aug/71, following reconnaissance geochem and gravity surveys by Anvil Synd (Can Reserve O & GL, Aquitaine C of Can L Husky OL, Occidental Mls L and Can Southern Pet L), which explored with more geochem sampling in 1972.

Capsule Geology

The claims are underlain by granodiorite of the mid-Cretaceous Anvil Batholith. No mineralization was found.


CANADIAN RESERVE OIL AND GAS LTD, 1971. Assessment Report *#060978 by D.K.Y. Chen, W.G. Crook and W.T. Salt.

CANADIAN RESERVE OIL AND GAS LTD, 1972. Assessment Report *#060996 by W.G. Crook and W.T. Salt.

MINERAL INDUSTRY REPORT 1971-72, p. 99-100.

Location Map

Last Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Work History

Year Work Type Comment
1972 Geochemistry: Soil
1971 Geochemistry: Soil Reconnaissance sampling program.
1971 Ground Geophysics: Gamma-ray Spectrometry Reconnaissance survey.

Regional Geology - Terrane

Group: Ancestral North America
Affinity: W Laurentia
Name: North America - basinal strata
Realm: Laurentia

Regional Geology - Bedrock

Group/Suite: Anvil
Period Max: Cretaceous
Age Max: 110 MA
Period Min: Cretaceous
Age Min: 104 MA
Rock Major: porphyritic granodiorite
Rock Minor:
Reference: Cobbett (2015) - YGS OF 2015-2
Geological Unit (1M): mKA
Geological Unit (250K): mKqA

Assessment Reports that overlap occurrence

Report Number Year Title Worktypes Holes Drilled Meters Drilled
060108 1972 Anvil Project-1972 Season Rock Geochemistry, Silt Geochemistry, Soil Geochemistry, Bedrock Mapping Geology, IP Ground Geophysics
060978 1971 Gravity Survey of the Blue Claims (1 to 29 Inclusive) Group Yukon Territory Gravity Survey Ground Geophysics
092062 1966 Geological Map of Faro area Regional Bedrock Mapping Geology

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2015-2 Geological map of the Anvil Lake area, central Yukon, parts of NTS 105K/11 and 105K/12 Open File (Geological - Bedrock)
ARMC000051 Geological Map - TwoPete Mountain Geoscience Map (Geological - Bedrock)
ARMC016350 Silt sampling Coward Creek - 105K/12 Twopete Mountain - Revised Geochemical Map

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