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Yukon Geological Survey

Compilation Details

Layer Name
Bedrock Geology Dataset
Layer Type
Bedrock Geology
Feature Type

Release Date: 2017-01-19
Released By: Yukon Geological Survey
Contact Info: Maurice Colpron (867) 667-8235 maurice.colpron@gov.yk.ca


This update of the Yukon bedrock geology map builds upon the previous compilation by Gordey and Makepeace (1999, 2001). The dataset includes the bedrock geology, faults, and contacts; published by Yukon Geological Survey (January 2016). The new digital data is being released incrementally and will be updated regularly as new parts of the compilation are ready. Any errors noted by the user of this data should be reported promptly to the Yukon Geological Survey.


Yukon Bedrock Geology Map

This update of the Yukon bedrock geology map builds upon the previous compilation by Gordey and Makepeace (1999, 2001). It includes new, detailed bedrock geology maps and regional compilations that have been published by the Yukon Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada, as well as some recent thesis works. A few of these maps were partially integrated into the digital dataset by Gordey and Makepeace (2003), but only as overlay to the 1999 compilation. A number of errors and omissions from the 1999 compilation of Gordey and Makepeace were also noted and corrected during compilation of this version of the map.

The Yukon bedrock geology GIS dataset is regularly updated and can be downloaded from the Yukon Geological Survey’s website: www.geology.gov.yk.ca. Users are advised to consult the website regularly to ensure they are working with the latest version of the geodatabase or shape files. This update of the GIS dataset includes an expanded attribute structure (compared to the 1999 dataset) that facilitates searching of the geodatabase.

This dataset requires the gscGeology font in order to properly label the bedrock polygons.  This font file is packaged with the dataset when downloaded from geomaticsyukon.ca or geology.gov.yk.ca.
The Yukon Geological Survey aims to provide users with the best available geoscience data for Yukon. Any revisions or additional geological information known to the user would be welcomed by the Yukon Geological Survey.

Contact Person: Maurice Colpron (Maurice.Colpron@gov.yk.ca)


Bedrock Map - Legend http://ygsftp.gov.yk.ca/YGSIDS/compilations/BedrockGeology/OF2016-1_legend.pdf Yes Bedrock geology legend - Jan. 2016
QGIS Layer File http://ygsftp.gov.yk.ca/YGSIDS/compilations/BedrockGeology/BedrockGeology.qml Yes QML Layer to display symbology in QGIS.
Bedrock map (PDF) - 1M http://ygsftp.gov.yk.ca/publications/openfile/2016/OF2016-1_map.pdf Yes Bedrock geology map (1M scale) - Jan. 2016
Web Map http://yukon2.maps.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?webmap=c1544758b4ff4d24ab6638e32b846514 Yes Web map for viewing the Bedrock Geology Data (May 2018).
Shapefiles ftp://ftp.geomaticsyukon.ca/GeoYukon/Geological/Yukon_Bedrock_Geology_Complete/Yukon_Bedrock_Geology_Complete.shp.zip Yes Bedrock geology polygon shapefiles for Yukon - May 2018
Geodatabase ftp://ftp.geomaticsyukon.ca/GeoYukon/Geological/Yukon_Bedrock_Geology_Complete/Yukon_Bedrock_Geology_Complete.fgdb.zip Yes Geodatabase including complete geospatial dataset of the Yukon bedrock geology (version May 2018)
Georeferenced 250k bedrock maps http://data.geology.gov.yk.ca/Compilation/23 Yes These georeferenced pdf maps contain the most current bedrock geology information in Yukon. They are intended for use in software such as Avenza PDF Maps.
Bedrock Map Index http://ygsftp.gov.yk.ca/YGSIDS/compilations/BedrockGeology/Bedrock_Map_Index_2019.zip Yes Map Index 2019 - 0.75 MB

Field Descriptions

Field Name
Field Description
Valid Values
REFERENCE Source for polygon (publication) TEXT(254)
LABEL_250K Code for 250k label using gscGeology font TEXT(12)
LABEL_1M Code for 1M label using gscGeology font TEXT(12)
ROCK_NOTES Comment(s) for rock type TEXT(254)
ROCK_MINOR Minor lithology(ies) within map unit TEXT(100)
ROCK_MAJOR Major lithology(ies) within map unit TEXT(100)
ROCK_SUBCL Rock subclassification TEXT(50)
ROCK_CLASS Rock classification TEXT(50)
AGE_ MIN_MA Minimum age – numerical (in m.y.) NUMBER(FLOAT)
STAGE_ MIN Minimum age – Stage/Age (timescale) TEXT(50)
EPOCH_ MIN Minimum age – Epoch/Series (timescale) TEXT(50)
PERIOD_ MIN Minimum age – Period/System (timescale) TEXT(50)
ERA_MIN Minimum age – Era (timescale) TEXT(50)
AGE_MAX_MA Maximum age – numerical (in m.y.) NUMBER(FLOAT)
STAGE_MAX Maximum age – Stage/Age (timescale) TEXT(50)
EPOCH_MAX Maximum age – Epoch/Series (timescale) TEXT(50)
PERIOD_MAX Maximum age – Period/System (timescale) TEXT(50)
ERA_MAX Maximum age – Era (timescale) TEXT(50)
TECT_ELEM Tectonic element (e.g. Selwyn basin, Whitehorse trough) TEXT(50)
TERR_LABEL Short label for terrane (e.g. YT, AX, SM…) TEXT(10)
TERRANE Terrane TEXT(50)
NAME Name of geological features TEXT(50)
MEMBER Member (stratigraphic) and equivalents TEXT(50)
FORMATION Formation (stratigraphic) and equivalents TEXT(50)
GP_SUITE Group (stratigraphic); Suite (plutonic, metamorphic); Complex; Assemblage TEXT(50)
SUPERGROUP Supergroup TEXT(50)
UNIT_ORIG Original map unit – at scale of capture (from published map) TEXT(25)
UNIT_250K 1:250 000-scale map unit TEXT(25)
UNIT_1M 1 million-scale map unit TEXT(25)
Last Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Compilation History

Finished Date
Mar 3, 2015 updated GIS and PDF files for all of Yukon (supercedes all previous versions)
Feb 18, 2016 Updated PDF files (November 2015 release), added legend.
Nov 30, 2015 Updated GIS files. Bundled Contacts and Faults.
May 3, 2018 Updated Geodatabase, shapefiles, and web map to April 2018 version.
Jan 19, 2017 Updated Geodatabase, shapefiles, and web map to Jan 2017 version.